The Church

The Church

The Church! Often undervalued, frequently underappreciated, and at times blatantly ridiculed. And yet, The Church is the most beautiful, powerful, and transformative institution on earth. No other organization has been commissioned with the gospel, the power of God for salvation. No other institution is empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring life from death. Only the Church, centered on Jesus Christ, delivers life-changing purpose, unbreakable joy, and eternal hope.

In a time when confusion and chaos are running rampant, the Church has been designed by God to give hope-infused clarity and love-filled community. Oh, for sure, the Church has faults and failings; after all, we’re a part of it. And yet, it was designed by God to be a hospital for the sick, a house of prayer for the weak, and a beacon of truth for the lost.

In a time where consumerism reigns and commitment wanes, we must ask ourselves, what does the Church really mean to me? Because here’s what the Church means to Jesus:

-The Blood of Christ: Jesus Died for the Church
-The Bride of Christ: Jesus Married the Church
-The Body of Christ: Jesus Is the Head of the Church

Needless to say, Jesus loves the Church! But here’s the question: do we love the Church?

We start an essential series right now, at this time, on the Church, for the following reasons:

-To Biblically Clarify What Is the Church
-To Call for Sincere Community in the Church
-To Renew Our Commitment to the Church
-And to Be Convinced Why Our Priority Must Be the Church

The Church. Our purpose, our place, our privilege.

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The Church