Sermon Series

Sermon Series

Sermon Series
  • Seek First the Kingdom

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  • House of Prayer

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  • Urgency Opportunity Mercy

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  • Immovable

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  • Christ In Me

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    What happens when my life has been transformed by the power of Christ? What changes should I see in myself when I genuinely meet Jesus?

    This faith we have in Jesus is meant to transform us from the inside out. Our lives should look radically different in our words, in our actions, in how we hand...

  • At His Feet

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    “At His feet” is an exact phrase that appears throughout the four Gospels. In this series we take each passage where it occurs and look more into what it means to truly depend on Jesus.

    Why does sitting at Jesus’ feet matter? This world is filled with desperate situations—in families, in workpla...

  • Mission Impossible

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    A mini-series going through what God's Word has to say about marriage and parenting.

  • Citizens of Heaven

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  • Let Us Pray

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  • Less Is More

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    The life, ministry, and message of John the Baptist.

    If you ask the world, more is more. More money, more status, more _________. But in God’s economy, it’s the opposite of how the world thinks!

    Jesus says, “the last will be first” (Matthew 20:16). Less is more.
    Jesus says, “when I am weak, the...

  • Reformation: Five Hundred

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  • Start Here Psalms

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    So often we feel rushed, dazed, and filled with stress—overwhelmed by the projects and to-do lists of the world. Why not take the opportunity to build a strong foundation in your life, and allow Start Here Psalms to seep into your heart, to bring peace and clarity to your soul?

    Start Here Psalms...

  • Return to Me

    8 items

    The message of repentance and restoration in Malachi

    We’re beginning a new series this weekend focused on the message of repentance and restoration found throughout the book of Malachi.

    At the end of the Old Testament, we find God’s people have become casual about their relationship with the Lo...

  • The Holy Spirit

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    Understand His Person, His Presence, and His Power

    "And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth." (John 14:16-17a)

    Simply put, it is impossible to do the Christian life apart from the Holy Spirit of God. And yet the Holy Spiri...

  • God With Us

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    A five-week study on the astounding glory of the incarnation.

  • I Am A Christ Follower

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    Living life for what matters most!

    "And Jesus said...follow me!" Mark 1:17

  • A Sign from God

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  • The Life of David

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    A Man After God's Own Heart

    David was called a man after God's own heart (Acts 13:22)—but that doesn't mean he was perfect. Join us as we explore the life of David and learn what it means for you to live a life after God's heart.

  • The Cup of Suffering

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    Throughout this series we will walk with Christ in the final days before His death to produce in us both a reverence and sober-mindedness towards the suffering he endured. We will trace passion week through the gospel of Matthew and allow our minds to be renewed and our hearts to be stirred.


  • Made New

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    Made new: this is the astounding, life-changing, mind-blowing miracle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Made New is when a person, through the love and life of Jesus, exchanges sin for righteousness and death for life! Amazing and awesome!

    As this new year kicks off we start a new series from 2 Cor...

  • A Word for the Church

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    The Church needs a Word today. The Church doesn't need a word from culture or from media or from man. What the Church needs is a Word straight from the mouth and wisdom of Jesus Christ. The seven letters to the seven churches in Revelation two and three are exactly that, a Word from Christ to us,...

  • Because I Said So

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    In the end, there’s only One authority that matters.

    “Because I Said So” is a foundational series designed to equip and encourage the believer in the all-important subject of the authority of God and His Word. Today our culture is putting tremendous pressure on all people to conform to its secu...

  • In God We Trust

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    There is no doubt we are living in unstable and turbulent times—values are eroding, our moral culture is deteriorating, and there is an increasing anti-Christ flavour surrounding us. With this being true we can turn off the news and shut our families in, pretending our world isn’t evil, or we can...

  • Jonah
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    You can run, but you can’t hide! God’s love is too big, too great, and too fast to escape. Jonah finds this out first hand and, in the process, finds out just how much God loves him...and us.

    In this series we examine God’s absolute sovereignty and the crystal-clear call for evangelism found in ...