Imago Dei

Imago Dei

IMAGO DEI: Human Beings Alone Are Made in the Image of God

In the very first chapter of the Bible, God said, "Let us make man in our image" (Gen. 1:26). Then, in the very next chapter, He both formed man and gave Adam breath (Gen. 2:7). Humans are unique among all of creation as no other part can boast of such glory as being made in the image of God.

Human beings are set apart spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, relationally, and physically. It is an awesome honour to be made in God’s image! As we learn the theology and doctrine of Imago Dei, we will look at:

- What It Means for All Human Beings to Hold Inherent and Glorious Worth
- What It Means to Be Created Male and Female
- What It Means to Treasure the Sanctity of Life Because of Imago Dei
- Why This Doctrine Is Essential and Foundational to the Christian Faith

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Imago Dei